A Valentine’s Meditation on Arguments

“We are facing each other both producing a continuous vocal sound. We slowly build up the tension, our faces coming closer together until we are screaming into each other’s open mouths.” In honor of Valentine’s Day, I was researching some real-life artist couples and found this 1978 work from Marina Abramovic and Ulay.   The obviousContinue reading “A Valentine’s Meditation on Arguments”

The Armor We Wear

“I’m sensitive and I’d like to stay that way.”  Over the years, that line from Jewel’s 1995 “I’m Sensitive” has always bothered me. I was reminded of it again recently when I talked about armor with a friend of mine, Chaz Kirchhoff (follow her on Instagram!), an armor specialist and Curator of European and DecorativeContinue reading “The Armor We Wear”

A Series of Limitations

I remember sitting outside the Percolator Art Space in Lawrence, Kan. one evening over 10 years ago, sipping a beer and chatting with a friend. My artist’s soul was chafing at the bounds of a “regular job.” I didn’t want to quit – it really was a great opportunity and the steady paycheck and healthContinue reading “A Series of Limitations”

Memento Mori Christmas Nesting

Winter is not my favorite season, but since it constitutes at least three months of every year (a quarter of my life!), I am always looking to change my attitude. In Scandinavia, people embrace these limitations and practice the concept of hyggae, or a focus on all things cozy. Thick, warm sweaters and blankets, hotContinue reading “Memento Mori Christmas Nesting”

How the Element of “Line” Helps me Combat Seasonal Affective Disorder

If I tell you that line – the design element – helped me to weather the depression of winter and decreased my Seasonal Affective Disorder, you might smile and nod politely, while wondering what the hell I was drinking. So let me explain. About 15 years ago, I started my first 8-to-5 job in aContinue reading “How the Element of “Line” Helps me Combat Seasonal Affective Disorder”

Embracing the Fear that Everything is Terrible

Everything is terrible. My friend used to laugh at me when I would get into this funk, listing all of the things I felt were going wrong, and roundly rejecting any helpful suggestion she put forth. Here’s my current list of how my life is terrible: “I started making good money, got married and hadContinue reading “Embracing the Fear that Everything is Terrible”

A Postcard Project in Four Parts

A friend once lamented that the loss of handwritten, mailed letters included losing the drawn-out anticipation of a reply. When letters were the only way to correspond, it took days or weeks to receive that response and – at least according to him – created a delicious sense of possibility. In our culture of instantContinue reading “A Postcard Project in Four Parts”

About the Elemental Artist

I’m Jessica. I used to be an adventurer: single and childless and nothing to lose. Once, during a St. Patrick’s Day Parade, I convinced a friend to drive with me (after an hour to sober up) the eleven hours from Lawrence, Kansas to Angel Fire, New Mexico to snowboard. Another time, I rode along anContinue reading “About the Elemental Artist”